WMF Kids
WMF Kids partners with parents to foster enthusiastic disciples for God’s Kingdom and glory. Our mission at WMF Kids is to collaborate with families in raising the next generation of Christians. We believe that the church and families should work together to help children grow spiritually and develop a deep, lasting relationship with God. WMF Kids is a crucial step on the path to spiritual maturity.

Sunday School and Children’s Church for Kids at Our Church
Our church offers Sunday School at 9:30am for children of all ages, including visitors who want their children to experience the joys of learning about Jesus, God, and the incredible stories of the Bible. We provide a comfortable, age-appropriate setting where toddlers through Pre-K children can learn with Ms. Sharon Dye, and K-5th graders can join Samantha Waggoner’s class.

During the sermon period of service, children in K-5th grade join their parents in worship and are dismissed to Children’s Church just before the pastor begins the sermon. Service starts at 10:30am.

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WMF Kids
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