Donna Ammons  

Kristen Ammons  

Diane Bain 

Tami Bramble 

Jim & Jane Caldwell  

Carol Campbell 

Sammy Cantrell 

Susie Clark (friend of Lisa Linn’s that is recovering from brain aneurysm)

Carole Clifton (Linda Nelson’s sister-in-law has tumor on the lining of her  brain) 

Candy Currey (Diane Bain’s friend who can’t walk and is on dialysis)

Buddy Cutsinger 

Glenn Cunningham 

Lynda Daniel (Covid with breathing problems) 

Carol Darks 

Linda Davis (Cary Carver’s aunt diagnosed with skin cancer)

Joe Delmar  

Sharyn Dewberry (friend of Sue Champaign who has a head injury and  broken leg) 

Robert Drumright 

Ann and Larry Duncan (brother and sister-in-law of Jane Tarkington)

Donna Fair (Sue Champaign’s daughter needs a full time job) 

Christine Fletcher (Joyce Plummer!s mother) 

Jeannie Gray 

Jackie Gooden (Colon and Brain cancer-friend of Liz Walls and Ron Phillips)

Tiffany Greer (Murlene Ham’s daughter- surgery) 

Sharon Greer 

Carla Haeuple (Jeff Chavez’ sister has breast cancer) 

Sage Hardin (Carol Campbell’s great grandson) 

 Bobbie Hastings (Congestive heart failure) 

Linda Hudgins (Madelyn Cunningham’s sister who had a heart attack)

Jim and Polly Lankford 

Larry High 

Sharon Hoover and family (death of niece) 

Sharon Hoover’s nephew and family (John, Peyton and Cait)

Kevin Karlsen (John Blanton’s friend with serious health concerns) 

Roger & Jean Knight 

Jackie Lewan (Joann Delmar’s Sister-her grandson, Jacob Mathis (24) was  killed in a car accident on Thursday) 

Reynolds Lillibridge (R J Lillilbridge’s father) 

Bonnie Lunsford (Betty French’s sister who has cancer) 

Gavin Maxwell (friend of Mike Waggoner’s-teenage boy rejecting liver  transplant) 

Jerry and Billie McCall 

Larry Morgan  

 Ricky Nelms (Juanita Goodman & Sharon Hendrixson’s brother)

Chris Netherton (growth on vocal cords) 

 Suzy Parham 

Bro. Bob & Faye Pearce 

Bunny Ray (in hospice care with Stage 4 COPD) 

Beth Riggins 

Ken and Carolyn Riggs granddaughter/ missionary in Romania

James Sabella (undergoing chemo for liver cancer) 

Pat Sharp ( Joann Delmar’s nieces’ father on life support)

Jane Shelton 

Bro. Mike and Kimberly Shelton 

Cindy Sisk and family (death of Cindy’s mom) 

 Gail Sledge 

 Anne Smith (Joann’s neighbor who had a stroke)

Jim & Annie Smith 

Robert Smith 

Andra Snider(Dexter Snider’s sister has vision issues) 

Carolyn Stephenson 

David and Peggy Sutton 

Kaedance Tagg, Justin/Kayla (diagnosed with leukemia) friends of Lisa Linn

Fred Tylor (Mike Waggoner’s best friend’s dad who has colitis/sepsis)

Mary York (Friend of Chris Crawford who has cancer) 

*Andrew Allen: Missionary to Jordan 

 Military Personnel 

Blake Armour -Nat’l Guard (Mickey & Sandra Watt’s grandson)

Tyler Blea -Army (son of Ronnie & Melissa Blea) 

Don Brockman- Navy (Donna Hutchins son) 

Tyler Groves-Marines (Linda Groves’ grandson) 

Blake Hallock -Navy (Craig & Joyce Plummer’s grandson) 

Thomas Hatcher-U S Navy (Buford Hatcher’s grandson) 

Trey Little- Army- (Jeannie Gray’s grandson) 

Brandon Patrick- Marine Reserves – ( Betty Veach’s grandson)

Jake Rucker (Jim & Gail Sledge’s nephew) 

Kayla & Jason Sipes- Air Force Reserves – (Jim & Gail Sledge’s  granddaughter)  

Pat Work- Army – (friend of Georgia Lillibridge)