Kristen Ammons
Bob and Debi Bender (friend of Tom & Patti, Bob has colon cancer)
Pat Bess
Lynda Bradley’s grandson, Jayce
Tami Bramble
Jim & Jane Caldwell
Sandra Carpenter (Mike Waggoner’s aunt has stage 4 breast cancer)
Chris Crawford
Justin Daniels (Lynda Daniels grandson, surgery and recovering from
Brandi Dubois (Tracy Stephenson’s friend/ diagnosed with
breast cancer)
Ann and Larry Duncan (brother and sister-in-law of Jane Tarkington)
Joyce Dunlap, undergoing chemo (friend of
Ann Brewer and Gay Rye)
Jodie Gambill (wife of HFA teacher who has breast cancer)
Stanley & Juanita Goodman
Sharon Greer
Linda Groves’ grandson, Matthew
Bobbie Hastings (Congestive heart failure)
Darbie Hendrixson
Ruben Hernandez (Mike Waggoner’s friend with stage 4 lung cancer)
Evelyn Jefferson ( Mike & Samantha’s niece)
Dianne Lankford (Jim’s daughter-in-law who is recovering from
cancer surgery )
Jim Lankford
Reynolds Lillibridge (R J Lillibridge’s father)
John and Julie Martin
Andrew, Josh, Meredith Martin (Andrew is recovering from broken
Katie Martin
Jerry and Billie McCall
Kevin Mills (recovering from pneumonia and foot surgery)
Carolyn Moore ( Leta Pearce’s mom who is in Hospice)
Ricky Nelms (Juanita Goodman & Sharon Hendrixson’s brother)
Bro. Bob & Faye Pearce
Barrett Plummer (grandson of Joyce and Craig Plummer)
Carolyn Riggs
Michael Rigsby (Joann’s nephew)
Paisley Renee (Baby in hospital with pneumonia and RSV)
Peyton/2 year old with stomach cancer & parents, Honesty & John
Billy Robinson (Dementia) Shirley Robinson (cancer)
Gail Rutledge’s grandson, Zachary who has cancer
Mother of Rob Saunders diagnosed with cancer
Bro. Mike and Kimberly Shelton
Gene and Kay Shields
Carolyn Stephenson
Dwayne and Linda Tabor
Liz Walls’ sister, Barbara (has cancer)
Bruce Ward
Richard Weaver
Mary York (Friend of Chris Crawford who has cancer)
Military Personnel
Blake Armour -Nat’l Guard (Mickey & Sandra Watt’s grandson)
Tyler Blea -Army (son of Ronnie & Melissa Blea)
Don Brockman- Navy (Donna Hutchins son)
Tyler Groves-Marines (Linda Groves’ grandson)
Blake Hallock -Navy (Craig & Joyce Plummer’s grandson)
Thomas Hatcher-U S Navy (Buford Hatcher’s grandson)
Brandon Patrick- Marine Reserves – (Betty Veach’s grandson)
Jake Rucker (Jim & Gail Sledge’s nephew)
Kayla & Jason Sipes- Air Force Reserves – (Jim Sledge’s
Pat Work- Army – (friend of Georgia Lillibridge)
Andrew Allen: Missionary to Jordan
Ken and Carolyn Riggs granddaughter/ missionary in Romania