Prayer List     


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Reed Ammons
Dana Bailey (friend of Murlene Ham)
Jim Bateman (friend of Chic Morris)
Nancy Berlin (Gail Sledge’s aunt)
Karen Bess
Tyler Blea (son of Ronnie & Melissa)
Sarah Bonnell (friend of Shelby Lillibridge)
Tammi Bramble (Rick & Glenna’s daughter-in-law)
Beverly Buttrey
Cindy Buttrey (Beverly Buttrey’s daughter-in-law)
Lillian Buquo (Jo Ann Delmar’s aunt)
Jim & Jane Caldwell
Jim Campbell
Brooke Carpenter (Mike Waggoner’s cousin)
Sue Champaign
Cathy Curtis (friend of Sue Champaign)
Lynda Daniel
Donna Davenport
Joe Delmar
Red Dillingham (Jeff Dillingham’s father)
Robert Drumright
Larry Duncan (Jane Tarkington’s brother)
Ann Duncan (Jane Tarkington’s sister-in-law)
Kathryn Ezernack
Christie Fair (Sue Champaign’s granddaughter)
Bob Fortner (friend of Bro. Bob)
Gretta Freeman
Tyler Goodman
Ann Grannis (friend of the Delmars)
Bob Gray (Sue Champaign’s brother)
Jeannie Gray 
John Green (friend of Mike Waggoner)
Rosie Greer (Margie Jones’ sister-in-law)
Michael Griggs (friend of the Hodges)
Chris Grooms & family (Terry Hodges’ manager)
Ed Groves (friend of Bro. Bob)
Jeff Ham (Murlene Ham’s son)
Ernestine Hambrich
Wyatt Hendrixson (Sharon Hendrixson’s grandson)
Hazel Hodges (Terry Hodges’ mother)
Hazel Hughes (friend of Odell Osborne)
Betty Hunt (friend of the Grays) 
Chris Ideson (neighbor of the Hodges)
Angela Jones (Jeannie Gray’s niece)
Sandy Jones (friend of Susan Hodges)
Kathy (Betty Southall’s cousin)
Mike Keen (husband of Robin Lee’s co-worker)
Jobe Kemp (friend of the Goodman family)
Kimberly French Lee (Robert & Betty French’s daughter)
Bill Lewis (friend of Kevin Mills)
Billie McCall
Jerry McCall
Francis Mills
Nancy Morris
Nancy (requested by Sue Champaign)
Lee Orth (Susan Hodges’ mother)
Odell Osborne
Dava Hill Pedigo (Emma & Deering Hendrixson’s aunt)
Tommy Proctor (friend of many)
Paul Raines & family (brother-in-law of Terry Hodges)
Lee Rainey (Margie Jones’ brother-in-law)
Linda Rigsby (Jo Ann Delmar’s sister)
Garrison Robeson (Robert Robeson’s great nephew)
Lee Rutledge (brother of the Morris’ son-in-law)
Gene Shields (Murlene Ham’s brother-in-law)
Gail Sledge
Janie Snyder
Gus Stranch (friend of the Waggoners)
Phil Suiter, Jr.
Tim Swift (friend of Mike Waggoner)
Tammy Travis
Mickey Watts
Victoria (Jo Ann Delmar’s niece)
Wilkerson family (friends of Tammy Travis)

Military Personnel

Tyler Blea (Ronnie & Melissa Blea’s son)
Christopher Greenwood (friend of Sue Champaign)
Cole Lampley (Linda Daniel’s Grandson)
Trey Little (the Grays’ grandson)
Mark Lowe (son of Dr. Whitson Lowe)
Brandon Patrick (Bobby & Betty’s Grandson)
April Piper (Johnny Piper’s Granddaughter)
Tyler Raines (Terry Hodges’ great nephew)
Kayla & Jason Sipes (Jim & Gail Sledge’s Granddaughter & husband)
Pat Work (friend of Georgia Lillibridge)

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